Betco Fiberpro Extraction Cleaner 1 Gallon bottles

This specially balanced blend of low foaming surfactants is designed for extraction on all types of carpet and upholstery including stain resistant. This ultra low residue formula rinses easily and completely and contains built-in O3Z malodor counteractants to help eliminate odors at their source.


Economical – highly concentrated.

Low residue – Rinses freely, so carpets stay cleaner, longer.

Powerful – Surfactant blend unlocks soil and dirt for easy removal.

Directions for Use

Recommended for use with steam and hot water extractors on all types of carpeting (including Stain Resistant), upholstery and rugs. Please recycle empty containers.

1. Vacuum carpet.
2. Dilute 0.5 oz./gal. or 3.9 mL/L (1:256) of water. If carpet is heavily soiled, 1 oz./gal. or 7.8 mL/L (1:128) of water. Cleaning solution may also be used as a prespray, sprayed directly onto the carpeting.
3. Follow operating instructions on extraction equipment.
4. Allow the carpet to dry thoroughly before allowing traffic.


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